Fabric Express Order Upgrade for Fabric Printed by Spoonflower

Adding this item to your cart turns your fabric order into an Express Order.

This means that your fabric jumps to the head of the queue on the fastest printer and is sent via the fastest postal service available. Typically this will be via FedEx --> StarTrack (in Australia)

Orders within the USA will arrive in 8 business days from the day you place your order.
Orders from Australia & other International orders will arrive 12 business days after you place your order.




Does not apply to: 

Unprinted fabric linings/backings

Swatches & samples

Wide width fabrics (Perennial Sateen or Longleaf Sateen)

Any material that is temporarily out of stock or on backorder.


In the unlikely event your order cannot be shipped express, I will contact you before the order is processed.

If I cannot get in touch, your order may have to be cancelled & refunded. 


Please make sure your email address is entered correctly and check for messages sent within 2 days of placing your order. Thankyou!

  • Please select the correct option from the drop down menu.
    Select the option that corresponds to the total contents of your shopping cart.

    For example,
    If you are ordering up to 1 yard (4 fat quarters), choose the ONE YARD OR LESS option from the drop down menu.
    If your order contains 2 yards or a large collection of fat quarters (more than 4 fat quarters), choose the TWO YARDS OR LESS option from the drop down menu.

    If you happen to choose the wrong option during checkout I'll contact you so we can adjust the order. If I'm unable to contact you or you don't reply to my message within 48hrs your Express Order Upgrade will be refunded and your order will be printed and shipped as a Standard fabric order.


    Because I don't want to delay your order any longer than necessary and I need to make sure that the express shipping charges I will be paying are covered by the express shipping charges that you selected & paid for. Does this make sense?

    PLEASE NOTE: Express Orders cannot be cancelled. Within 30mins of your order being processed, the printer will start production of your order. This process is automated and cannot be halted.

Total Contents of Shopping Cart

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