Fawn Fur in Pale Caramel, Baby Deer Fabric

ONE YARD, 54 inches wide (137cm), 36 inches length (90cm)


Painted faux fur texture. I designed this print specifically for minky & velvet fabrics. The print is available in 2 sizes. The larger scale is ideal for large blankets, the smaller scale is ideal for smaller baby items.
 'Spotted Fawn Fur in Pale Caramel'


---> Take a look at ALL the preview images. Take note of the ruler measurements (in inches).

If this scale does not suit your project, please contact me to ask for a customization. 
I am happy to make designs larger or smaller for you!


Printed to Order in the USA

It will take between 5-7 days for fabric to be prepared, printed and cured before shipping. This allows the print to set properly so we thank you for your patience & understanding when ordering.


Free Shipping Worldwide

  • Can I get a fabric pattern I like in another color? Can you change the scale of the design for me?

    Yes to both! 
    I am happy to make simple adjustments to colors or the scale of any of my existing designs. You'll need to contact me BEFORE checkout to arrange any customization.
    Once your order is placed the fabric will begin printing in as little as a few hours so it will be too late to make changes to the design scale.

Scale of Print



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