Make it Faster Order Upgrade for Handmade Orders

Adding this item to your cart turns your order of a Play Mat, Cot Quilt or Cushion Cover/s into an Express Order. Wait a second, this doesn't mean your order will be ready to ship the next day!

EXPRESS ORDER = This means that production of your fabric item jumps to the head of the queue on the fastest printer and is sent via the fastest postal service - taking 12 days to reach my studio in Australia where I will be ready & waiting to sew your custom made item as fast (but as carefully) as I possibly can.

➤➤➤ Most of my fabric supplies are printed to order in the USA. I live and work from my studio in Australia where I create illustrated designs for fabrics and sew all the custom made textile items available in my Etsy shop.

➤➤➤Yes, I am just one person doing all the drawing, designing, fabric ordering, sewing, gift wrapping and shipping. It's a process that takes time but creates a beautifully unique, handmade heirloom quality product or a gift that will last a lifetime. You can be assured that everything I create has been made with love, the greatest attention to detail and produced in an eco friendly way with very little fabric waste and the smallest possible carbon footprint.

➤➤➤ Please contact me if you need your order before a specific date. I am always contactable via Etsy and would love to work with you to create something specially handmade for you or a loved one.

➤ Orders within Australia will arrive within 3-4 weeks from the day you place your order. (Cutting 1-3 weeks off the average turnaround time of approx 5-6 weeks)

➤ Orders outside Australia will arrive within 5-6 weeks from the day you place your order. (Cutting 1-3 weeks off the average turnaround time of approx 8 weeks - including average shipping time)

  • Please select the correct option from the drop down menu.

    You will need to select the option that corresponds to the total contents of your shopping cart.

    For example,
    ➤ If you are ordering:
    1 x cushion OR
    2-6 Cushion Covers OR
    7-12 Cushion Covers OR
    1 x Small- Medium Play Mat OR
    1 x Rectangular Cot Quilt
    choose the corresponding option from the drop down menu.

    ➤ If your order contains a Large sized Play Mat (136cm wide) choose the LARGE PLAY MAT option from the drop down menu as this item uses much more fabric which costs more to express ship.

    If you happen to choose the wrong option during checkout I'll contact you so we can adjust the order. If I'm unable to contact you or you don't reply to my message within 48hrs your Express Order Upgrade will be refunded and your order will be printed, produced and shipped as a Standard Custom Made order.

    ➤ Why?

    Because I don't want to delay your order any longer than necessary and I need to make sure that the express shipping charges I will be paying are covered by the express shipping charges that you selected & paid for. Does this make sense?

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Hi! My name is Lauren, the designer, illustrator and maker behind Thistle and Fox Fabrics. Most days you'll find me in my studio dreaming up new designs, tending my plants and playing with my animals.

On weekdays I work as a vet nurse, so each night I'm up late sewing custom orders and designing fabrics for makers around the world. 


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