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Would you like to license some of my designs for your business use? 


Exclusive License

(for new custom designs only)

You pay a design fee which includes the licence fee, reserving the design for the exclusive use of your business. No one else can purchase fabric printed with this design during the term of the usage agreement. Sorry, this type of licence is not available for existing designs in my portfolio that are already available to the public. 

  • All details about how many of my designs you would like to use, how you wish to use the design and for how long should be included in a contact message to me, the designer.

  • Please include a link to your business website and make a note on whether you are prepared to credit me as the fabric print designer in any items that are produced using my designs.

  • When all terms and fees are decided and agreed upon:


  • I upload the design graphics (.jpg .png .tiff) to a private Dropbox folder which is shared with you via email after the licence agreement has been signed and full payment of the design/licence fee is processed.

  • I also keep the design in my portfolio in case you would like to order printed fabric/wallpaper/giftwrap from me in future.

  • It is up to you to either order yardage from me as a custom printed item or source your own printer.

  • The cost of yardage is determined by the printer and the materials ordered. No wholesale order discounts apply to any order of less than the MOQ for wholesale orders (this varies - see Wholesale page for more info)


Terms of Use & Copyright: 

  • As the artist, I own the copyright to the illustrations and designs. You have the right to use the commissioned graphics/designs to create printed items to use and sell as part of your business.

  • An exclusive usage licence agreement sets out the details of how the design may be used. These terms are negotiated and agreed upon by all parties involved before the design is commissioned/purchased. 

Non Exclusive License

(graphics supplied, for an existing design from my portfolio)

You would like to use a particular illustration from my portfolio to be printed on fabric/gift wrap/wallpaper/clothing for your business use. You pay a license fee which is calculated based on your answers to the questions highlighted below.


  • The design is uploaded to a private Dropbox folder and you are given access to this folder once the usage agreement is signed and the license fee paid.


  • The finished design remains available for sale from my Spoonflower portfolio or other print on demand platform, website &/or is listed for sale in my Etsy store 

  • You can order fabric/wallpaper/gift wrap from me if you wish.

  • You are also free to source your own printer and create items printed with the design according to the usage agreement terms.


  • Other people will also be able to purchase items printed with this design. 

Questions to be answered when you contact me for a quote: 

  • How many designs are you interested in? Which designs? < provide links please

  • How many metres/yards of material do you intend to print/manufacture?

  • What is the retail price of the material per metre/yard?

  • For how long will the licence need to be in place (ie. number of years)? 

  • Are you prepared to credit me as the print designer/artist in any social media posts/product info etc. ?

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