So what is the difference between an exclusive design and a custom request? 



(graphics only)

You pay a design fee (starts at $275 for a simple illustration, up to $590 for an elaborate design) in order to have the design made for your exclusive use. No one else can purchase fabric printed with this design.


  • I create the design in 14-21 days, send the finished graphics to you and keep the design in my portfolio in case you would like to order printed fabric/wallpaper/giftwrap from me in future.

  • It is up to you to either order yardage from me as a custom printed item or source your own printer.


Terms of Use & Copyright: 

  • I own the copyright to the illustrations and designs. You have the right to use the commissioned graphics/designs to create printed items to use and sell as part of your business.

  • An exclusive design is sold with a usage licence which sets out the details of how the design may be used. These terms are negotiated and agreed upon by all parties involved before the design is commissioned. 


(no graphics supplied)

You ask me to create a particular illustration to be printed on fabric/gift wrap/wallpaper & do not pay a design fee. There is no deadline for when the design is needed.


  • I create the illustration (usually in 10-14 days, though may depend on current workload) 


  • The finished design becomes available for sale from my Spoonflower shop &/or is listed for sale in my Etsy store and you can order fabric/wallpaper/gift wrap as you need them. 


  • Other people will also be able to purchase items printed with this design. 



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