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How much wallpaper should I order?

To begin with, always order a swatch of the design, colourway and base material combination you plan to use for your project.

Wallpaper test swatches are available in the drop down menu of my listings.

To determine which length rolls you should purchase, round the height of your wall up to the nearest length available (1, 3, 9, 12 feet).

If you are ordering for multiple walls in the same room, use the tallest wall height so that all the rolls are the same length.


When measuring, make sure you ignore all trims, windows, doors or openings to ensure that the pattern repeats seamlessly.
eg: From ceiling to floor, the wall is 8ft high = you need to order 9ft long rolls.

Each roll covers a width of 24". Therefore, to calculate how many rolls you need, take the full width of your wall (in inches) and divide it by 24".

Or, if you are ordering for multiple walls in the same room that touch each other, add up the total width of all of your walls and divide that number by 24".

Round your answer up to the nearest full number to determine the amount of rolls to order.


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Wallpaper should always be installed from the left side of the room to the right and from top to bottom.



Because this wallpaper is designed to slightly overlap on the long sides, approx 1cm of the right edge of the left hand roll lays under the left edge of the right hand roll.

There are links to the installation videos below.


Frequently asked questions

How Much Wallpaper do I need?

I'm using the wallpaper for drawer liners... how much do I order?

I can help you work out how much paper you will need. The wallpaper rolls have a fixed width of 2ft = 24" (61cm) and the lengths available are 1ft, 3ft, 9ft or 12ft.
If you have WIDE drawers (more than 24") I can rotate the printed design so that it lays along the length of the paper so that you can cut your drawer liners using the length of the roll to cover the width of the drawer and the print will be the right way up when the liner is installed in the drawer. How deep & wide are the drawers? ... if you are only lining the base of the drawer or... if covering the internal sides as well, how high are the internal sides of the drawer?
How many drawers will you be lining? When contacting me for help with calculations please list the drawer dimensions in groups. eg. Two drawers 24" wide x 14" deep. Four drawers 12" wide x 14" deep. example calculations:

  • Example One: 2 drawers 26 inches wide x 14 inches deep
  • You will need to use rotated rolls to cover the 26 inch width in a single panel of wallpaper (no joins), therefore you need (2) x 3ft long rolls with a rotated print (if ordering a directional print)
  • Example Two: 4 drawers 20" wide x 16" deep
  • You can use the upright version of the design (does not need to be rotated) and order 2 x 3ft rolls. You will then cut 2 drawer liners per 3ft roll.
  • Example Three: 2 drawers 24" wide x 12" deep
  • You can use rolls with either a rotated print (if ordering a directional print) or upright print layout.
  • Either way, the total area of your drawer liners is exactly 2ft x 2ft. You will have a 1ft x 2ft offcut leftover from a 3 ft roll.
------------- There are many ways to calculate how much wallpaper you might need in order to cover any number of drawers. The fastest method is to measure the width of the widest drawer. If this measurement is more than 24" wide, this gives you the LENGTH of the roll you need to cover any wide drawers. In most cases, this will be a 3ft roll. Then measure the depth of the drawer. If this is more than 12" deep, using a rotated version of the print and laying out your drawer along the length of the roll, you will only be able to cut 1 drawer liner per roll of wallpaper if you want to cover the drawer in a single piece. If each of your drawers is more than 24 inches wide, Add up all the drawer widths. If this number is greater than 144" (12ft) then you will need multiple rolls. The maximum roll length is 12ft. The maximum drawer size you can cover using one piece of wallpaper = 24" deep x up to 12ft wide. This is one huge drawer! So think about how you can fit your drawers onto the roll dimensions using the least amount of paper to cover the area. If your drawers are all less than 24 inches wide, You don't need the print rotated and will be able to fit each drawer across the width of the wallpaper roll (24" wide). If your drawers are 12" or less deep, you will only need 1ft of wallpaper per drawer so could easily order a number of swatches (12x24") to cover each drawer.
  • And don't panic! If you don't order enough at first, you can always come back for more. Every order is printed on demand. We don't 'run out' of a design.

How do I calculate how much wallpaper I need?

There's a very handy wallpaper calculator at Spoonflower.com To begin with, always order a swatch first of the design, colourway and base material combination you plan to use for your project. To calculate how many rolls you need to order to cover the space, measure the WIDTH of the space. To make the calculations easier, record the measurement in FEET. 1ft = 12 inches = 30cm Divide this measurement by 2. (as each roll of wallpaper is always 2ft wide) Example calculations: The WIDTH of the wall is 11ft wide.
11 divided by 2 = 5.5 .... then round this UP to the nearest full number. ie. 5.5= 6 <---- this is the NUMBER of rolls you need if the wall is 11ft wide.
To work out the roll LENGTH you need, measure the HEIGHT of the wall (ignoring all windows, doors or openings to ensure that the pattern repeats seamlessly).
eg: From ceiling to floor, the wall is 8ft high = you need to order 9ft long rolls. Be mindful of the print repeat too. For 'half drop' print repeats you may need to order longer length rolls for every 2nd roll in order to manually match the pattern repeat. What is a half drop pattern? read on below...

Can you print a single piece to cover an entire wall?

Sorry, no. The roll sizes offered by the printer (Spoonflower) are always 2ft wide and are printed in 1ft, 3ft, 9ft or 12ft lengths. I am in the process of looking for other ways I can offer my designs as wall decals and mural size sheets of wallpaper (these are also printed in rolls which you must line up, however, the printing method differs so that a large design can be centered rather than repeat vertically)

What is a half drop pattern?

With a Half-Drop repeat, the design would need to be manually offset when hanging (much like commercial wallpaper), meaning every other roll would need to be a bit longer and hung a bit lower to ensure the repeat aligns properly. We recommend ordering alternating roll lengths with a Half-Drop repeat, so for 4 rolls needing to cover a 96in (243.84cm) roll width, it would be best to order 2 - 9' roll lengths and 2 - 12' roll lengths to align seamlessly. To see the repeat size of any design in our marketplace, be sure to scroll down to the Wallpaper Details and About the Design section of any design page. Here's an example! For the image below, this particular design has a 24" (60.96cm) vertical repeat. For a vertical repeat of this size, you'll want to account for 12 extra inches (30.48cm) every other roll. IMPORTANT: Please note, not all design repeats will occur in whole foot increments, or conform with our available roll lengths, so some longer rolls may need to be ordered. We understand this might be a bit confusing, so please contact us with any questions about Half-Drop designs, or potentially Half-Drop designs. Try to include a design link in your initial inquiry so we can be ready to help! You can copy and paste the url address at the top of the screen. It should start with "http://www.spoonflower.com/en/wallpaper."

Do you have dye lots? How can I receive the same rolls again for another order?

Since every Spoonflower product is custom-printed, each individual order is like its very own dye lot. While large colour shifts between orders should not be an issue, there can be slight changes between orders placed (and therefore printed) at different times. Just like when buying commercial fabric, yarn or wallpapers with dye lots, it's best to order as much digitally printed wallpaper as you need for your project the first time. If you need more of the same print you ordered last time (for orders placed via my website or Etsy shop only) please contact me with your name and as many of your original order details as possible so I can direct you to where you can order the same print, colourway and print scale you originally ordered. For orders placed via Spoonflower: If you ever need to order additional paper for another wall or room, reordering is easy. As long as the design is still public in the marketplace, you can sign into your account and find the design through your Order History. If you don't have an account, create a free one using the email address from your first order, or search in our system using the Design ID.

Do the rolls overlap when installed?

Yes. Each roll is printed to install at 24" wide with an approximate 3/4in (1.9cm) additional width to use for overlap down the right side. This overlap will help align the design seamlessly when hanging. Rolls may be hung from left to right, or right to left. Once you determine the direction, be consistent. For any patterns with a half drop repeat, you will need to manually line up the design which may mean you will need to order alternating roll lengths. See more info under 'What is a half drop pattern'. ▶ Can I order wallpaper rolls without the 3/4” overlap? All of our wallpaper rolls will print with a 3/4" overlap along the right side. It is not possible to remove this overlap in our printing process. This addition is not displayed in the design preview window, but is automatically generated when the file is processed. ▶ How can I remove the overlap? The 3/4” overlap for all wallpaper rolls can be removed by a professional installer using the Double-Cutting method. This process involves trimming the overlap so that each wallpaper roll will be “butted” together and can appear more seamless. ▶ Will the overlap show after installing? Our wallpaper overlap will have a seam once installed properly. It can be more apparent for designs with white backgrounds and design elements that have larger amounts of spacing. Generally, the overlap is not noticeable for busier designs. If you would rather not have an overlap seam, you can always reach out to a professional installer to remove this with the Double-Cutting method.

Which Wallpaper should I use?

What is WOVEN wallpaper?

Also called Peel & Stick wallpaper. Self adhesive polyester textile with subtle woven texture on top surface. Perfect for use as wallpaper for feature walls, drawer liners, shelf liners, cut and stick wall decals, and for craft and home decor projects 100% opaque white PVC-free polyester textile with adhesive backing - peel off the backing paper before applying to surface. 24 inches (61 cm) wide, available in 4 lengths via my website: 1ft, 3ft, 9ft, 12ft with free shipping to Australia. Discounted shipping elsewhere. Formaldehyde-, phthalate-, and PVC-free Perfect for accent walls, drawer liners, shelf liners, wall or tech decals, craft and home dec projects NOTE: Not recommended for use on even slightly textured walls or over top of scrubbable paints. For children’s rooms and nurseries, we recommend using the Smooth wallpaper. Printed at Spoonflower in Durham, NC, USA. ​ ----------------- $8.00 USD/foot (via Spoonflower) Dimensions (Imperial): 24 inches wide Available in lengths of 1 foot, 3, 9 or 12 feet Dimensions (Metric): 61 cm wide Available in lengths of 100 cm, 260 cm, 310 cm, 400 cm

What is SMOOTH wallpaper?

Smooth wallpaper is perfect for use as wallpaper and for crafts and home decor projects. Can also be used for custom posters and gift wrap paper. Opaque white paper with a water-activated adhesive backing. ​24 inches (61 cm) wide, available in 4 lengths via my website: 1ft, 3ft, 9ft, 12ft
with free shipping to Australia. Discounted shipping elsewhere. Eco-friendly, FSC Certified, formaldehyde-, phthalate-, and PVC-free.
To install, simply soak the pre-pasted back of the paper in water to activate adhesive and apply to wall. Instructions included with order. Easily removable. Made in the USA of imported and U.S. materials and printed at Spoonflower in Durham, NC, USA. ​---------------------------
$6.00 USD/foot (via Spoonflower) ​Dimensions (Imperial):
24 inches wide
Available in lengths of 1 foot, 3, 9 or 12 feet Dimensions (Metric):
61 cm wide
Available in lengths of 100 cm, 260 cm, 310 cm, 400 cm

Can I order a swatch?

Yes, I always encourage you to try samples before committing to ordering longer rolls. Computer monitors aren't the best way to determine how a printed colour will look on wallpaper and it is possible that the colour and/or size may not be exactly what you were expecting. Order a SMOOTH wallpaper sample here Order a WOVEN wallpaper sample here (choose the smallest options from the drop down menu. A swatch =1ft length) Order 2 samples (1 of each material) here

Traditional Non-Pasted Wallpaper

No adhesive has been pre-applied to this paper. To install this wallpaper, you will need to use adhesive that is typically applied with a brush. There are many glues and pastes in the marketplace. It is always good to consult with an expert when using this paper, or even hire a professional installer to complete the project for you. Because this material is only supplied in 27ft long rolls, I do not sell this material on my website. You can only order it direct from my Spoonflower portfolio.

Grasscloth Wallpaper

This paper requires professional installation using a ready mixed clear adhesive. Your installer should have experience with this product and will want to follow the adhesive application instructions, and then will double cut each panel for seamless installation. Because this material is only supplied in 27ft long rolls, I do not sell this material on my website. You can only order it direct from my Spoonflower portfolio. IMPORTANT: Because this is a natural product, differences in colour and texture between sampled orders and finished goods are common due to variations of the sisal fibers. Do not install in rooms with high humidity or moisture. Installation instructions here

About the Designer

Who illustrates all these designs?

Me! I'm Lauren. The one woman sewing factory and fabric designer of Thistle and Fox. When you send an email to Thistle and Fox, I'm the one who reads it, writes and sends a reply. When you place an order for something handmade, I'm the one who makes it and sends the parcel to you. When you purchase my fabrics you are supporting an independent designer and maker, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Aside from a few designs based on vintage illustrations from the public domain, all the designs in my portfolio are based on my own hand drawn illustrations and designs. Illustration, design and making are my passions. When I read feedback and see the wonderful photos from customers who are loving using their handmade products from my little business I could not be happier! You can read more About me and follow me on instagram @thistleandfox for a behind the scenes look at Thistle and Fox.


Where are your wallpapers printed?

All my wallpaper designs are printed by Spoonflower USA. They are custom printed on demand using an eco friendly process. If you are located in Australia, Europe or the UK, your wallpaper order will be printed on demand in Berlin by Spoonflower. You can learn more about the wallpaper printing process & eco friendly practices on the Spoonflower website. For US customers, please place your order via my Etsy shop to claim the free shipping offer for orders over $50USD. Australian customers can order via this website to claim free shipping on any wallpaper order.

Can I order custom roll lengths?

Sorry, custom length rolls are no longer available. ------------------------------
DIMENSIONS for ROLLS are as follows
➤ 2 ft wide / 24 inches = 61 cm
➤ Available in 4 lengths
1ft SWATCH (30 x 60cm)
3ft / 36 inches / 90cm
9ft / 108 inches / 270cm
12 ft / 144 inches / 360cm

One 12ft roll of wallpaper covers 24 square feet (2.2 square metres)

✔ Wallpaper can be ordered in fixed lengths of 1m, 2.6m, 3.1m or 4 METRES instead of measurements in FEET - Contact me for custom orders.


What are the shipping costs for wallpaper?

For US customers, please place your order via my Etsy shop to claim the free shipping offer for orders over $50USD. Australian customers can order via this website to claim free shipping on any wallpaper order.

Where do you ship to?

Wallpaper is available for shipping worldwide if you order via the Spoonflower website. Orders placed via Thistle and Fox can only be shipped to Australia & NZ. For US customers, please place your order via my Etsy shop to claim the free shipping offer for orders over $50USD.

Why aren't you shipping internationally at the moment?

Dear International customers, Shipping logistics are tricky at the moment with many items sent internationally taking many weeks to be delivered. However, you can shop for my designs from suppliers and makers located closer to where you live! Please shop for my designs via Spoonflower or you can order customized designs, colourways and print scales via my Etsy shop. There are also many printed on demand products available via Society6 & Redbubble.

I'm in Australia, How long will it take for my order to arrive?

If you have ordered your fabric/wallpaper via this website or my Etsy shop your order will be shipped from the USA 10-15 days after you placed your order. It then normally takes between 3-4 weeks to be delivered to most locations in Australia. Delivery delays are possible. If you need your order sooner, please contact me. There are often faster shipping options available. Price for express production and shipping starts at an additonal $15 for the first yard/metre of fabric.

I live elsewhere, how long will it take for my order to arrive?

The answer to this question depends on where you have ordered the fabric from and which location the fabric/wallpaper will be shipped to. If you live in the USA and have ordered your fabric/wallpaper via my Etsy shop, your order will likely arrive within 15-21 calendar days after placing your order. If you live in Europe or the UK, your fabric order will be shipping from the Berlin Spoonflower headquarters. I am currently working on opening my UK fabric shop via FashionFormula which should significantly speed up production and shipping times for my UK customers.

Is RUSH shipping possible?

Yes, rush shipping (& faster printing) is possible. I can either setup a special listing for you on my website or send you a link to where you can order the wallpaper rolls direct from the printer where you can select the Guaranteed or Rush delivery option at checkout (these options upgrade order to be printed faster & delivered via FedEx)

Just let me know:
1. your shipping location (country is enough info to start with) 2. which print colourway & print scale you would like 3. how many rolls & the roll length you need (if you would like me to setup a custom listing for you)

General FAQ

Do you have any wallpaper in stock in your studio?

Sorry, no. ALL wallpapers in my shop are printed on demand. This means there's no waste which is better for the environment and the design can be customized (design scale, orientation, colours) so it will be perfect for its intended use. With a portfolio of over 2000 designs and 3 choices of materials to be printed on, I could not possibly keep them all in stock in my little studio. Need a customization or want to order a design from my portfolio that you don't see in my shop? Get in touch.

Can I get that design in another colour? Can you change the scale of the design for me?

Yes to both! ​I am happy to make simple adjustments to background colors or the scale of any of my existing designs.* You'll need to contact me before checkout so I can make these changes for you before the fabric order is placed as it automatically goes into production when ordered via the Spoonflower site. When contacting me please include in your message: the name of the design ( a link to the design is even better!) your color preference or tell me how large or small (in inches or centimeters) you need the design to be. For example: "I'd like to order 2 yards of the 'White Pony on Mint' with a baby pink background and I need each pony to be 1 inch wide." * There is no charge for small changes to scale or background colour. For more extensive changes there may be a small fee to cover my time. Please get in touch with your request.

Are your drawer liner papers unscented?

Yes, There are no perfumes or fragrance. The drawer liner materials sold in my shop are wallpapers, however they can be used as drawer liners, whether you adhere them to the surface or not, they are thicker and more durable than most drawer liner papers sold in homewares stores.

Are these materials safe to use in kids rooms?

Yes! There are no harmful substances used in the production or printing of these wallpaper/drawer liner materials. All materials used are OEKO Tex 100 certified safe and Formaldehyde-, phthalate-, and PVC-free. Smooth wallpaper is made from FSC (Forest Stewarship Council) certified paper.

Can I use Woven wallpaper as a kitchen backsplash?

While the Woven material is water resistant to occasional splashes it is not waterproof and the print may be damaged by repeated or prolonged exposure to moisture. It is wipeable with a soft damp cloth in order to remove dust but it is NOT scrubbable and exposure to heat, moisture, splashing or spitting cooking oils and food spills will quickly damage it. If you don't mind replacing the wallpaper each time it becomes too dirty to wipe clean then go right ahead but please note, use of wallpaper in 'wet areas' of kitchens and bathrooms is not recommended. Before using the Woven wallpaper anywhere in your home I recommend trying a swatch first to see if the material will be suitable for the wall material or surface you are applying it to. The surface must be completely smooth, clean and dry.

What type of surface can I apply these wallpapers to?

The surface must be completely smooth, clean and dry so the wallpaper will adere properly. It is not recommended to apply any of my wallpapers to textured walls or surfaces.
If walls have been recently painted it is also recommended to wait for 2 weeks for paint to cure properly before applying wallpaper. If walls are not yet painted (raw wood, dry wall or plaster board) use a primer first and allow to dry for at least 2 weeks before applying wallpaper.
Smooth, flat furniture surfaces can be covered with woven wallpaper. It is designed to be fully removable and repositionable. I like to use the Woven peel & stick wallpaper to line the cubby holes of my IKEA Kallax craft storage cupboard and all the metal cabinets I use to store my fabrics could easily be lined and covered in Woven wallpaper. Customers have used the Woven wallpaper to brighten up and customize IKEA kids beds, tabletops, wardrobes, desks, filing cabinets, lockers, fridges and even laptop & desktop computers. I cut out decals from the woven wallpaper and stick them on my sewing machines! It is a versatile material great for customizing home decor and furniture. Use the Smooth wallpaper to decoupage or cover a gift box or hat box to make a beautiful personalized gift. It can also be used to cover notebooks and journals.

Can you print my logo on wallpaper for me?

I get asked this question quite often but I'm afraid I no longer do this type of design work.

I sell only my own designs printed on fabric, wallpaper and handmade homewares. All my printing is outsourced to professional fabric printers.

If I had all the time in the world (or a vast team of minions) I would gladly take on more design assistance work. Unfortunately there are no minions here. Just me, running it all on my own, designing and making while also working a day job on the side.

I do know of some pretty cool teachers and tutorials online and classes you can take at home to learn more about creating surface pattern designs (using your logo or graphics) and getting files ready for printing. To begin with, go check out Skillshare.com

I am also happy to point you in the direction of some great print-on-demand companies and custom digital fabric printers where I get my designs printed and where you can potentially order your own printed materials.
You might like to check out the materials already on offer from the printers I regularly use to print my designs: SPOONFLOWER NEXT STATE PRINT FASHION FORMULA

Wall decals

Are your wall decals die cut?

No. Wall decals are printed in a single sheet of peel & stick wallpaper. They are not die cut as this is not a service offered by my printer - plus it is super expensive! You will need to cut around the shapes. I offer my decal designs printed this way to keep the cost of my designs affordable. Most of the decals offered in my shop are small designs printed on a 30 x 60cm swatch (1ft x 2ft) while some are larger, printed on a 3ft roll of wallpaper ( 2ft x 3ft / 60 x 90cm) AU customers, Shop for wall decals here: www.thistleandfox.com/wallpapers-decals International customers, Shop for wall decals in my Etsy Shop

Where can I buy your wall decals?

AU customers, Shop for wall decals here: www.thistleandfox.com/wallpapers-decals International customers, Shop for wall decals in my Etsy Shop


Do I really need to order a sample first?

I highly recommend it! Wallpaper is printed on demand - just for you. It is a custom made product so it cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged if you don't like the colour when you see it in person or the design isn't as large or small as you thought it would be. I do my best to accurately portray the colours and scale of the design but a 2 dimensional colour swatch on a computer or phone screen is not the same as a printed 3 dimensional textured material which reacts to the light of the surrounding environment. The best way to see what the colour, scale and material is like in person is to try a swatch. Test it out at home in the light conditions it will be exposed to and see if you like it in situ. Need a sample larger than the 1ft x 2ft swatch? Order a 3ft roll. This is recommended for any X-Large scale design so you will be able to see more of the print repeat on your sample.

How do I order a sample?

Wallpaper test swatches are available in the drop down menu of my listings. I also offer specific listings for Wallpaper Samples with free shipping worldwide via my Etsy shop. Choose the design/colourway. Choose a scale for the print: X-large scale is generally 1 repeat of the print across the 2ft width of the wallpaper roll. Large scale is 2 repeats, small scale 4 repeats... and so on. Some designs may offer other options depending on the size of the original design repeat. Choose Material: Smooth or Woven wallpaper can be ordered via my website or Etsy shop. Other materials are only available direct from the printer Spoonflower. Samples via Etsy are available here Samples via this website (for AU customers) available here All other wallpapers available via Spoonflower


How do I install SMOOTH wallpaper?

Smooth wallpaper is pre-pasted, water activated. To install, simply soak the pre-pasted back of the paper in water to activate adhesive, allow a few minutes for booking the wallpaper and then apply to wall. Instructions included with order. Easily removable. Installation instructions & video: https://support.spoonflower.com/hc/en-us/articles/204279574-How-to-Install-Spoonflower-Water-Activated-Wallpaper What is 'booking'? read on below...

How do I install WOVEN wallpaper?

Peel & Stick wallpaper. Perfect for drawer liners, shelf liners, covering the front of a fridge, tech & wall decals, accent walls, and other craft and home decor projects. NOTE: Not recommended for use on even slightly textured walls or over top of scrubbable paints. For most children’s rooms and nurseries, we recommend using the Smooth wallpaper. Installation instructions & video: https://support.spoonflower.com/hc/en-us/articles/204279854-How-to-Install-Spoonflower-Woven-Peel-Stick-Wallpaper

Can I install TRADITIONAL wallpaper on my own?

Traditional wallpaper is scrub and scratch resistant wallpaper perfect for high traffic spaces - paste required. ​​ Eco-friendly, Type II wall covering - paste required and professional paper installer recommended. If you are well practiced in wallpaper installation I see no reason why you could not install this paper yourself. However, if this is your first wallpaper project... I'd watch how the proessionals do it first and then be prepared to learn by trial and error and potentially waste a bit of paper. Order extra!

Can Woven wallpaper be used on a bathroom floor? or countertop?

No, this material is not designed as a floor covering or countertop where splashes and drips are likely. It is best suited to feature walls and as drawer and shelf liners in drier rooms of your home. Ideally, do not use Smooth or Woven wallpaper in areas with high humidity. Traditional wallpaper can be used on bathroom walls as it is mildew resistant. However, high humidity (when air vapour condenses on the wall) is not ideal for keeping wallpaper looking at its best. Moisture can compromise the integrity of the paper itself or the adhesive.

What does wallpaper 'Booking' mean?

Booking relates to how long a paper should rest once fully saturated with paste. Booking properly ensures your paper is ready to install. For prepasted paper, this process begins once you activate the adhesive with water. Once wet, the paper expands as it absorbs the water and will become - to use a scientific term - a bit goopy. Once you are confident the entire panel is saturated, our Prepasted Smooth Wallpaper needs 3-5 minutes to be properly booked before installation. This is important because the entire wall must be covered in glue. This absorption process is also because as the water evaporates and paper shrinks back to normal over the next 3 hours, the paper will return to its normal finish for a more professional look. For non-pasted paper, follow the instructions with your preferred paste or adhesive.

How much overlap is there between installed rolls?

We include about 3/4in (1.9cm) of overlap down the right side for all of our wallpaper rolls. This overlap is to aid in aligning the design when hanging, meaning rolls should be hung from left to right or right to left. All rolls will be printed with a quantity number for an order, but you can hang your wallpaper rolls in any particular order. Overlapping the design allows for a quick and easy installation, especially for first-timers and DIY installers!

What temperature is best for installation?

It's best to install with a normal room temperature you are comfortable with daily. We do not recommend installing during severe humidity or cold temperatures. Sudden changes in temperature can occasionally cause bubbles if applied too quickly. These bubbles can expand or shrink in other temperature extremes and can cause issues with installation integrity.

Will a dent, scratch, or any other imperfections on my wall show through the paper?

Major wall imperfections may become noticeable once installing your wallpaper. It's best to prep your walls and make sure you have a smooth surface prior to installing. Keep in mind, we recommend at least 4+ weeks for your paint to fully cure before starting any install.