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Who illustrates all these designs?

Me! I'm Lauren. The one woman sewing factory and fabric designer of Thistle and Fox. When you send an email to Thistle and Fox, I'm the one who reads it, writes and sends a reply. When you place an order for something handmade, I'm the one who makes it and sends the parcel to you. When you purchase my fabrics you are supporting an independent designer and maker, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Aside from a few designs based on vintage illustrations from the public domain, all the designs in my portfolio are based on my own hand drawn illustrations and designs. Illustration, design and making are my passions. When I read feedback and see the wonderful photos from customers who are loving using their handmade products from my little business I could not be happier! You can read more About me and follow me on instagram @thistleandfox for a behind the scenes look at Thistle and Fox.

How sustainable are your fabrics?

By offering my designs as printed on demand rather than selling fabric 'off the roll' there's no need for warehousing and there's no pre-consumer waste as only what is ordered is printed. The majority of the fabrics I prefer to work with are made from organic cotton or sustainably sourced natural fibers such as linen. All organic materials are certified organic by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). Organic Cotton Knit, Organic Cotton Sateen and Organic Cotton Double Gauze (Muslin) are some of my favourite materials to use in my own sewing projects. Fabrics are printed on demand using water based pigment inks and dyes tested as safe for use with infants and children (Oeko -Tex 100 certified). The digital printing process is eco friendly, using almost no water, any fabric offcuts are either shredded and composted or used as stuffing for other products. You can read more about the sustainability practices of the fabric printers I work with on the Spoonflower website and on the Next State Print website.

Do you have any fabric in stock in your studio?

Sorry, no. ALL fabric in my shop is printed on demand. This means there's no waste which is better for the environment and the design can be customized (design scale, orientation, colours) so it will be perfect for its intended use. With a portfolio of over 2000 designs and more than 20 choices of materials to be printed on, I could not possibly keep them all in stock in my little studio. Need a customization or want to order a design from my portfolio that you don't see in my shop? Get in touch.

Where are your fabrics printed?

The majority of my fabrics are created in the United States by Spoonflower. They are available on a stunning range of natural fibre fabrics and eco friendly textiles, custom printed on demand. If you are located in Australia, Europe or the UK, your fabric will be printed on demand in Berlin by Spoonflower. You can learn more about the fabric printing process & eco friendly practices on the Spoonflower website. ​​For a full list of the types of fabric available on my website and printed by Spoonflower, please take a look at the Choosing Materials page There is a new section of my shop for fabrics Printed in Australia. I will soon have other fabrics available for sale from a custom fabric printer in the UK. Free shipping does not apply for fabric produced by these printers.

Can I sell items I've made from your fabrics?

Yes, of course you can! You are buying fabric from an indie designer but its just like buying fabric from any store (only much much better!), its yours to use as you wish for any project, either for yourself or for your shop.

I always appreciate a mention as the print designer (though its not a requirement!) and I really love to see what you create when using my fabrics so get in touch with a pic or link to your finished projects or products online.
Discovering a photo of my fabrics being used is a highlight of my day!

Can I get a pattern I like in another color? Can you change the scale of the design for me?

Yes to both! ​I am happy to make simple adjustments to background colors or the scale of any of my existing designs.* You'll need to contact me before checkout so I can make these changes for you before the fabric order is placed as it automatically goes into production when ordered via the Spoonflower site. When contacting me please include in your message: the name of the design ( a link to the design is even better!) your color preference or tell me how large or small (in inches or centimeters) you need the design to be. For example: "I'd like to order 2 yards of the 'White Pony on Mint' with a baby pink background and I need each pony to be 1 inch wide." * There is no charge for small changes to scale or background colour. For more extensive changes there may be a small fee to cover my time. Please get in touch if you're unsure.

Do you ship fabric to the UK or Europe?

Yes. My designs are printed on fabric & wallpaper in Berlin by Spoonflower. Shop for fabrics and wallpaper on the Spoonflower website. If you are having trouble locating one of my designs in my Spoonflower portfolio, please Contact me. UK customers can also order some of my designs on fabrics printed in London by Fashion Formula.

How long will it take for my fabric to arrive?

The answer to this question depends on where you have ordered the fabric from and which location the fabric will be shipped to. If you live in Australia and have ordered your fabric via this website or my Etsy shop your fabric will be shipped from the USA 10-15 days after you placed your order. It then takes between 3-4 weeks to be delivered to most locations in Australia. If you live in Australia and need your fabric order faster, please contact me. There are faster shipping options available. Price for express production and shipping starts at an additonal $15 for the first yard of fabric. If you live in the USA and have ordered your fabric via Spoonflower, this website or my Etsy shop, your order will likely arrive within 15-21 calendar days after placing your order. If you live in Europe or the UK, your fabric order will usually be shipping from the Berlin Spoonflower headquarters. I am currently working on opening my UK fabric shop via FashionFormula which should significantly speed up production and shipping times for my UK customers.

I'm not sure which material to use... can you help?

Detailed info about each material is located on the Choosing Materials page. Materials are divided into Wovens & Knits, or Fabrics Printed in Australia. If shopping for fabrics printed in Australia please note that you need to choose the correct shipping option during checkout. These orders do not ship for free. I always recommend ordering a swatch first if you would like to feel what a material is like and to see how the colours will look when printed on a particular base material.

Do you print specialty fabrics...waterproof, upholstery, outdoor, light blocking fabric?

The short answer, yes. I can have my designs printed on a large range of specialty fabrics printed in London, UK. I am happy to create custom orders. Contact me here on my website. Include the details of what you would like and I can create a printing and shipping quote for you. Let me know your shipping address (state/county, postcode, country), which fabric print/s would you like? Printed on what type of fabric? or what will you be using the fabric for? This will help me provide a complete answer for you quickly. Thankyou

Do you do design collaborations?

Absolutely! Perhaps you make and sell baby clothes and you'd like an exclusively illustrated fabric? I'd love to work with you! Please contact me so we can discuss the finer details. Make sure you include in your message as much info as you can about your proposed project and a link to your shop or website if you have one. Absolute confidentiality is assured. Please also read this page before you get in touch as many of your questions may be answered here on my website.

Do you have a retail store I can visit?

Not yet... but I'd love to one day! Local shoppers can visit me at various handmade markets on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. The next market I'll be visiting is the Made With Love Markets in Coffs Harbour at the Park Beach Plaza Level 1 Carpark. Dates posted on their website. At least once a year, I open up my studio for High Tea parties and private art shows where you can take a peek at all I've been working on in my studio, try on jewelry and get a closer look at some of the fabrics I've designed. Studio Open Day for 2020 will be posted online soon. To make sure you receive an invite, join my mailing list.

I need help placing an order!

Have you read the info for the item you are looking at? Still need help? Please reach out with your specific question or let me know if you're having a technical problem viewing my website. I highly recommend shopping via a laptop or desktop computer instead of a phone. You'll be able to see the full site & all its features much more easily. For help with shopping my designs on Spoonflower, please see their ' How to Place an Order' page for a step by step tutorial.

I have more questions... how do I contact you?

Email is best and you will find my contact details here. I'm often online and check messages every day so you wont have to wait very long for an answer. If no reply is received after 3 days please check your junk mail folder!

Can I buy your fabric at wholesale prices?

I would love to be able to offer competitive wholesale prices for my fabrics... unfortunately I'm still quite a tiny fish in an enormous pond. If you would like to order larger quantities of my fabrics, I am happy to make a special listing for you here on my website. Custom printed fabric costs alot to produce (more than 90% of the retail price you pay is the printing cost) As a designer I receive 10% minus the cost of processing your payment via my website. I do not manufacture my own fabrics or print in bulk for my own use so all wholesale orders are custom printed on demand just for you and ship directly to you from the printer - all fabric orders placed in my shop and all fabric printed for my own use is produced in this way. FABRIC WHOLESALE is possible at the following rates: ✔ BULK ORDERS of 20+ yards or metres
For fabric printed in the USA via Spoonflower (shipped worldwide) 10% off orders of 20+ yards of fabric 15% off orders of 50+ yards of fabric 20% off orders of 100+ yards of fabric This can be any number of designs but must be ordered in a single transaction. Free shipping applies to Spoonflower fabric ordered via my website. ----------------------------- For fabric printed in Australia (shipped only within Australia) Order 50 metres or more and receive 5% off. No further discounts apply. ----------------------------- You are welcome to license my designs if you wish to have your own base fabric printed if you have your own sources for doing this at a lower cost ☺️ Contact me with any further wholesale questions. I'd love to hear from you!

If I send you some fabric can you print your designs on it?

I am primarily an illustrator selling a few things printed with my designs on the side... I don't print these fabrics myself - it would require a huge warehouse, hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and stock... I'm a very small fish by comparison to the custom digital print houses I work with to create my own designs and have them printed on demand.
Some materials are printed by Spoonflower in the USA, some are printed in Australia by Next State Print. There are two sections of my website fabric shop for these two printing sources. Digital printing is very different to screen printing. You can read all about the process here. While some digital printers accept base materials sent to them by clients, not many offer this service and those that do charge accordingly.
You might like to check out the materials already on offer from the printers I work wth or I also know of a print on demand service in London - if you are interested I'm happy to point you in their direction.

Are you shipping internationally?

Australian customers: orders can be placed via my website or Etsy shop as normal. International customers: please order via my Etsy shop or direct from Spoonflower. My website is currently set for shipping within Australia only as this is where most of my handmade custom orders and ready to ship items are available for sale. Shipping logistics are tricky at the moment with many items sent internationally taking many weeks to be delivered and tracked shipping costs from Australia are often more expensive than the item being sent... However, you can shop for my designs from suppliers and makers located closer to where you live! Please shop for my fabric, wallpaper & homewares designs via Spoonflower. There are also many printed on demand products available via Society6 & Redbubble. Want something handmade using my fabrics? Many makers will create custom orders using designer fabrics requested by a client. Get in touch with a maker first to ask if they are able to take on your project then you can send them to my Spoonflower or Etsy shop to order the fabrics they need. Still keen for me to create your project? Get in touch via my Contact form.

Can you print my designs for me?

No, I sell only my own designs on fabric, wallpaper and handmade homewares. I am happy to point you in the direction of some great print-on-demand companies and custom digital fabric printers where I get my designs printed and where you can potentially order your own printed materials. ...Please refer to the info in the question above.

How can I get samples of your fabrics?

Because all my designs are available for printing on demand, samples are also printed on demand. Printers offer individual swatches printed on your choice of base material, or if you are keen to sample many of my designs all on the one base material, you can order a 'swatch sampler' from my Spoonflower portfolio or Etsy shop. If ordering via Etsy I take care of arranging the order so most prints can be customized, scaled up or down or a curated collection of themed designs can be printed for you. Just get in touch with your requests and some info about the project you had in mind. Eg. "I'm located in Australia and planning to upholster my dining chairs. I'd like to sample a natural fiber upholstery fabric printed with a collection of your Australian botanical designs. I prefer natural, earthy colours and light, neutral backgrounds"



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