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Handmade Wholesale


Thistle and Fox is a micro business. Handmade. One woman. No staff. The majority of the items I create are bespoke or made to order one at a time. I use my own fabric designs printed on demand by small printing companies both in Australia and the USA. There's nothing mass produced or manufactured from Thistle and Fox.

Because there's a limit to what one person can accomplish in a day I have only a small number of items available for wholesale ordering and my pricing reflects the craftmanship and the quality of the materials that go into creating each item individually to order.

I can accommodate wholesale orders of cushion covers, tote bags, tea towels and baby blankets. All other handmade items are much more labour intensive and require far more materials. You are welcome to contact me to discuss wholesale ideas but please take note of the following information first:



Handmade Wholesale Discount = approx 15 - 20% *

* Some items may have a slightly greater or lesser discount depending on the total materials cost and whether the item can be produced for less at greater volumes.

EDIT: May 2024 - Unfortunately I am no longer able to offer my handmade products at wholesale prices due to huge increases in the costs of materials and changes to my personal circumstances making batch sewing physically impossible to do in-house. Some products can be produced by Next State Print in Melbourne but please be aware the prices are discounted in a sliding scale according to the number of items ordered. Greater quantity = greater discount. 


How many items do I need to order to qualify for the wholesale discount?

Generally 10 items in total or at least 2 from each category.

For example: 2 cot sheets, 2 play mats of the same size, 6 cushion covers.

Contact me for a wholesale order list which contains more detailed information about ordering minimums for each item and the discount offered.




If you would like to order large quantities of my fabrics, I am happy to make a special listing for you here on my website.

For fabric printed in the USA (shipped worldwide) 

  • 10% off orders of 20+ yards of fabric

  • 15% off orders of 50+ yards of fabric

  • 20% off orders of 100+ yards of fabric

This can be any number of designs but must be ordered in a single transaction.

For fabric printed in Australia (shipped only within Australia) 

  • Order 50 metres or more and receive 5% off.

  • No further discounts apply.

Contact me with any further wholesale questions.

I'd love to hear from you!

Payment & Delivery of Your Order


Full payment in advance is required when ordering wholesale. Payment can be made directly to my Paypal or bank account.

 quote will be created and all details discussed prior to placing an order. I can then send an email invoice to your email address.


Once full payment is received, the fabric required to fulfill your order begins printing within 24 hrs. If I'm creating finished handmade items the fabric will be delivered to my studio in Australia in 2-4 weeks time. It then takes me between 5-10 days to complete the sewing for most orders - longer for orders of play mats and quilts.


When complete, your order will be carefully boxed up and shipped via Australia Post or Sendle to your postal address (signature on delivery is required).

Can I place a wholesale order via your Etsy shop?

Sorry, no. Etsy seller fees make wholesale discounts impractical.

Where is Fabric Printed?


For Australian residents, there is a choice of Spoonflower (in the USA) or Next State Print (in Australia). Please get in touch with me to discuss your preference for where your fabric is printed. Prices & fabric availability vary.


You can read all about fabrics printed in Australia here:


or fabrics printed in USA



Not familiar with Spoonflower? Visit the website to learn more



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