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The Future of Thistle and Fox Fabrics

It is my fervent hope that Thistle and Fox fabric prints could be available on a variety of  certified organic, sustainable, ethical & eco friendly natural fiber fabrics all printed in Australia. To make this goal a reality, I need to hear from you!

Brand Rep for Thistle and Fox
Nursery Koala Wall Banner
Koala Bed Sheets

Help me decide the future of my business

The Australian small businesses who currently print my designs and stock a selection of my prints in their Artwork & Pre-Order catalogues:



What do you look for in a fabric? Drape, weight, fiber content, colours?

Are you concerned about where a fabric is printed? the inks used? the impact of the fabric production on the earth and the people who created it? 

When shopping for fabrics, do you sort by fiber content? do you sort by price?

Do you prefer to order printed on demand (customizable prints) or would you rather shop from a much smaller selection of in stock, ready to ship now fabrics? 

Do you sample fabrics/prints before ordering yardage/metres? If no, what stops you from ordering a sample first?

Would you like to request more of a particular style of design from me? For example: more graphic prints? Abstract patterns? More large scale florals or botanicals? 

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