Fabric Care Instructions

Digitally printed fabric can be machine washed of course but to keep it looking at its very best for many years please follow the care instructions. Always wash and dry your fabric before you cut & sew it.

Wash your fabric before you use it.

When your fabric parcel arrives please check it for any printing errors before washing. If there are ever any problems please take some clear well lit photos and get in touch with me straight away. 

For most fabric types: Wash gentle cycle cold or warm 30C. Use eco safe phosphate free laundry detergent.

Shake out wrinkles while the fabric is wet and hang evenly over a drying rack or dowel to dry in the fresh air. This keeps the fabric from warping or being marked by pegs so its easier and faster to cut out your patterns - without the need for ironing (because who wants to waste time ironing?!)

Line drying your fabric (if possible) is preferable to tumble drying. It not only saves on energy consumption, it will extend the life of the textile fibers. 

Cool tumble dry is possible for most materials. Do not tumble dry silk, georgette, chiffon, or poly crepe de chine. These materials are delicates. 

For ALL materials: Do not bleach.

Preferably do not dry clean - there are some exceptions to this but use only perc-free dry cleaning.

For Linen Cotton: Iron on reverse side using correct fabric setting.

For polyester fabrics - ironing not likely required but use synthetic (cool) settings on your iron and take care. 

For Muslin (Organic Double Gauze) we recommend sewing first, then washing on gentle cycle 30C inside a washing bag. Hang to dry or gentle tumble dry for a short time, taking care not to over heat the fabric as it will dry much faster than most fabrics.

When your fabric is washed and dry, fold it concertina style, fold onto a fabric board or roll it up on a roll for easy use later. If storing your fabric, make sure it is kept in a cool dry place and protected from moths & other pests that may damage (or eat!) the textile fibers.

Order a Swatch


I highly recommend ordering a swatch of printed fabric (your chosen material) or a swatch booklet (to sample all the available materials - not printed)

You can order swatches and sample packs in my shop. Find them HERE

  • Quick Guide to Fabric Width

    starting at 105cm / 42"

    this is important to know

  • Thistle And Fox_Web Icons Woven.png
    Woven Fabrics

    Fabrics without stretch. Wovens range from sheer lightweight to upholstery weight fabrics

  • Thistle And Fox_Web Icons Knit.png
    Knit Fabrics

    For sewing stretchy items.

    Includes jersey, interlock, fleece, minky, swim & active wear fabrics

  • Thistle And Fox_Web Icons Fabric Roll 1.
    Wide Width Fabrics

    Ideal for quilting, DIY bed sheets, duvet covers and sewing wholesale items for your business

  • Thistle And Fox_Web Icons Fabric Roll 2.
    Wallpapers & Wall Decals

    Peel & Stick, Pre-pasted or Traditional 'paste the wall' application

  • Guide to Fabric Uses

    To help you choose the right type of fabric for your project

  • Fabric Care

    Digitally printed fabrics are machine washable but some materials need a little extra care

  • Wallpaper Installation

    How many rolls do I need?

    How do I install wallpaper by myself?

  • Ordering Swatches

    What is a swatch? How do I sample lots of your designs at once? Can I get a sample of all the fabric bases?



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