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Quick Guide to Stretchy Fabrics & Specialty Materials

To help you choose the most suitable base fabric for your project.

Materials marked with AU are printed in Australia.

UK = Fabrics available for special order custom printing in the UK

All other materials are printed by Spoonflower USA.

ANY design from Thistle and Fox can be printed on ANY base material

Fabric Uses Part  3

What is the best material to use for ...?

Swimwear, leggings, Active wear

Sport Lycra 

Active - AU

Scuba - AU

General Purpose Knits - stretchy garments & accessories

Organic Cotton Knit

Cotton Spandex

Sport Lycra

Modern Jersey

Organic Stretch Jersey- AU

Lingerie, Fancy Dresses

Dance wear, Scarves, robes 



Poly Crepe de Chine

Scuba & Active(for bralettes & sports bras) - AU

Crepe, Satin, Georgette - AU

Textured Crepe - UK

Water Repellant

Tentex - UK

Lotus Twill - UK

PUL - order from Clover & Co Fabrics

Tracksuits & loungewear

Organic Cotton Knit 

Cotton Spandex Jersey 

Terry - AU

Lennox - AU


Organic Cotton Knit

Cotton Spandex Jersey

Organic Stretch Jersey - AU

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