Fabric Width

Check the width of the fabric you will need to sew your chosen project.

Most fabrics available for custom printing are 130cm or more wide except for Spoonflower Petal Cotton & Cotton Poplin which are 105cm wide. The widest fabrics available are Perennial & Longleaf Cotton Sateen 295cm available ONLY via this website. 

Materials marked with AU are printed in Australia.

UK = Fabrics available for special order custom printing in the UK

All other materials are printed by Spoonflower USA or Berlin.

Fabric Width

widths listed here are the PRINTABLE WIDTH. The full width of the fabric including selvedge edges is often a few cms wider than these measurements

  • Thistle And Fox_Web Icons Woven.png
    Woven Fabrics

    Fabrics without stretch. Wovens range from sheer lightweight to upholstery weight fabrics

  • Thistle And Fox_Web Icons Knit.png
    Knit Fabrics

    For sewing stretchy items.

    Includes jersey, interlock, fleece, minky, swim & active wear fabrics

  • Thistle And Fox_Web Icons Fabric Roll 1.
    Wide Width Fabrics

    Ideal for quilting, DIY bed sheets, duvet covers and sewing wholesale items for your business

  • Thistle And Fox_Web Icons Fabric Roll 2.
    Wallpapers & Wall Decals

    Peel & Stick, Pre-pasted or Traditional 'paste the wall' application

  • Fabric Care

    Digitally printed fabrics are machine washable but some materials need a little extra care

  • Ordering Swatches

    What is a swatch? How do I sample lots of your designs at once? Can I get a sample of all the fabric bases?



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