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8 year Anniversary

Updated: Apr 4

This year marks 8 years since my dreams of having my own cottage studio home became a reality. Of course I dreamed up plans and designs for my own place since I was in high school (and to be clear, I still don't actually own my home - it is a rental) but it's where I call home (and where I work) and almost everything about it was meticulously mapped out and designed by me, a complete beginner when it came to building design and project management.

3D building plan for cottage exterior porch
3D building plan for the front exterior

All building credit must of course go to my Dad (an actual real life builder) and my mum, for tirelessly helping me paint the interior and managing tradies when I couldn't physically be on site during the whirlwind building period.

One of my early interior design concepts

How it actually looked (in 2020)

The space is constantly changing as my business has changed and my fabric collection has grown... I now use the front of the studio as a living space lined with storage cabinets and the middle area, next to the kitchen and before my bedroom, is my current sewing space.

the digital plans for my sewing space relocation next to kitchen

the plan for the sewing space

The plan doesn't always match the reality but it is fun to work out the layout digitally before I have to do the hard work of shifting furniture around.

before the big reshuffle in 2023

As part of the Seamwork Summer Studio Camp I reorganized everything in this space to make it work for my current needs. Here's the plan for the reshuffle:

3D plan for sewing studio in 2023

And the reality...

Even this photo is now outdated... it's different again today - and really messy.

8 years! Happy Valentines day studio. I love you 😊

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