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Improved Colour Printing in 2024

I received an email from Spoonflower today with some good news and as this info is going to be applicable to all my customers ordering my designs printed via Spoonflower, here are the main points:

"We want to inform you of an exciting upgrade in colour on our natural fiber fabrics. These changes will go into effect on a rolling basis from January through March.  

Why are things changing?

Spoonflower is constantly working to provide the best products possible for our customers. To do this, we work diligently to keep up with the rapidly evolving technological advancements in the field of digital printing.

What you can expect:

• More saturated blacks

• Truer blues and reds (especially navy)

• Reduced streaking or striped effect in large areas of solid color

• Softer hand (feel of the fabric)

We will not be able to provide products with the older colour process once the printer transitions to the new colour. If you are in the middle of a project or purchasing for a business, we recommend stocking up this year.

Affected Fabrics:

• Belgian Linen™

• Cotton Lawn

• Cotton Poplin

• Cypress Cotton Canvas

• Dogwood Denim®

• Lightweight Cotton Twill

• Linen Cotton Canvas

• Organic Sweet Pea Gauze®

• Petal Signature Cotton®

Any questions, please reach out!