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Wallpaper - it's not just for walls

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

All the things you can make and decorate with wallpaper:

drawer liners used in kitchen
used here in my IKEA kitchen drawers

WOVEN 'Peel & Stick' Wallpaper

  • Ideal for furniture updates & drawer liners.

  • Give your dated furniture a modern makeover.

  • Line cupboard shelves or back of a dresser or cover a scratched tabletop.

  • Drawer liners - for your kitchen drawers, kids clothes drawers, sock drawers.

  • Bathroom cabinets - Woven is made from polyester so it is more water resistant than the Smooth wallpaper making it more durable in spaces where high humidity is a concern.

  • Cover your fridge or make reusable stickers for the kids to play with

  • Book covers - use it like any other self adhesive paper (it's quite a bit thicker and stronger than your average self adhesive paper)

As long as the surface you are applying it to is smooth, non porous and clean, the Woven wallpaper is easy to apply, 100% removable with no residue left behind. It's also reposition-able if you need to peel it back and shift it a little to the left or right...and if you keep the backing paper, it's reusable!

Woven wallpaper has a subtle woven texture

How to install: Instructions and tips available on the Spoonflower blog

Other projects to try:

Cover old tins or jars to make paintbrush and pencil caddies for the craft room

Cover the sides of an ugly black desktop computer so it blends into your office space.

Cover your desk or laptop for an instant workspace makeover

Line or cover storage boxes for art and craft supplies and stationery

Cover a boring filing cabinet to make it into a statement piece of furniture in your home office

UPDATE: July 25th 2022 - Woven Peel & Stick has now been replaced by the even better Peel & Stick Paper - read all about it here on my Wallpaper Materials page.

See how I've used Peel & Stick wallpaper as drawer liners in my home in this reel on Instagram:

Get a closer look at the new Peel & Stick Paper here: Introducing Peel & Stick Paper

My favourite ways to use wallpaper around the home are saved on my Pinterest board HERE

Pre-pasted Removable Smooth Wallpaper

This heavyweight paper is water activated. You can use it just like traditional wallpaper... it's also great for decoupage, craft projects, gift wrapping, and covering books. If you prefer to use a paper instead of polyester material for lining drawers, this is the paper for you. Just remember to keep it dry once it is installed. If it gets wet again, the adhesive is reactivated and it can lift away from the surface it is applied to.

All the info & installation instructions about the different wallpaper materials can be found on my website page 'Wallpaper Materials'

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