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Where can I buy fabric face masks?

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

I've had to make some tough decisions lately. And ask myself some important questions. Can I keep up this pace? Where is my business taking me? Am I ever going to get enough sleep?

And it's clear that I cannot be all things all the time. At this time, I need to focus on designing. Being creative, not a machine. Resting, taking care of myself and putting a few things into action to make running the business side of Thistle and Fox a little more manageable.

One of those decisions has led me to admitting that I cannot possibly sew face masks myself. This is one thing that I definitely need to leave to the professionals!

It took me almost a week just to sew enough masks for my family so let's just say, they're alot more time consuming than they look (sewing masks that is, not my family. Although... )

So, to get to the point of this blog post: You can now order face masks featuring a small collection of limited edition designs here:

If you're living elsewhere in the world and would love a face mask featuring my designs please help support these makers & my designs by ordering face masks via

Next State Print - Melbourne: one of my designs is part of their face mask collaboration project HERE

Spoonflower (USA / Berlin, ships worldwide) *Update* June 2021 << these masks are no longer available.

If you don't mind a little bit of a wait (20-26 days production) and you like a mask that you can tie behind your head but is also designed to be easy to pull down to hang around your neck when not in use, then this style of face mask is for you. 3 sizes available.

Note: My entire portfolio is available for these masks.

I'll keep adding links here to the shops of other makers using my fabrics as I find them... please shout out if you're using my fabrics to make masks for sale.

And if you're the master of DIY and want to whip up a few masks of your own then I have you covered for tips on the types of fabrics that are best for this project. Check out the info on my Quick Guide to Fabrics page.

be safe & well x

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